Thermostat/Room Regulator EU-283 C WiFi

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    Thermostat/Room Regulator EU-283 C WiFi

    Thermostat/Room Regulator EU-283 C WiFi

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Two-State Room Regulator

* Colour touchscreen


Controller’s functions

  • Control of the room temperature
  • Alarm clock function
  • Calendar function
  • Access control through PIN code
  • Screen brightness control during day and night
  • 6 operation modes: – manual temperature setting mode – day/night mode – temperature setting for day and night – party mode – temperature setting for party – leave mode – temperature setting for absence – anti-freeze mode – temperature setting protecting the installation against freezing – weekly mode


Controller’s Equipment

  • Colour touchscreen 4.3″
  • Built-in room sensor
  • 12V DC power supply unit – executive module (communication)
  • Available colours: black and white


Main Screens

  • Screen with round thermometers, type “flat design”
  • House screen, type “flat design”
  • Screensaver with picture frame function
  • Screensaver as clock


Wireless Version

  • Optional with the use of the EU-262 set


Principle of Operation

The type EU-283 room regulator is intended to control a heating device (e.g. a CH furnace, a gas furnace, an oil furnace, an electrical furnace). This regulator is designed to maintain the set temperature in the apartment by sending a signal to the heating device (opening contact) with information about heating up the room. The signal is communicated and transmitted through a two-core cable. Power supply unit – the executive module is installed near the heating device.